Comprehensive Mentoring

By Laura Medford-Davis, MD

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars®

University of Pennsylvania Department of Emergency Medicine


Today’s careers are dynamic. True leaders strive to create their ideal job, but they may find that it does not yet exist. Because of the unique values, priorities, and goals of each individual, it is rare that one mentor will be a perfect match for the experience and tools an aspiring leader seeks.

In addition mentors, like all people, are busy. They may be mentoring multiple people, and may not always have time to give one person their undivided attention due to competing responsibilities–personal, professional, and mentoring.

Besides traditional mentors who are already leaders in my field, I frequently ask my family for advice. One person who I consider a mentor is a peer at my level, but one with similar goals who inspires and challenges me. I encourage you to step outside the box and start looking for nontraditional mentors of your own.

This is a good article on more comprehensive mentoring that might be a good link/resource for MaveRx.


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